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Product safety and side effect statement

For product safety emergencies and side effect notifications about our products +90 216 385 93 33 by phone or You can reach the Product Safety Unit at the e-mail address.It is designed to be used in the by-products of drugs. Pharmet applications used on these pages can only respond to the writings of physicians and books.

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The personal data you send to Pharmet by filling out this form will be processed within our company in accordance with the purpose of sending it, in accordance with the Law No. 6698. In this context, if necessary, you will be contacted for informational purposes and additional information may be requested. Your personal data may be shared by our company within the scope of your application with our pharmacovigilance organization and other business and solution partners to the extent necessary. Your application will be recorded in our systems for tracking your transactions. For your rights and applications regarding your personal data, see. Pharmet for Privacy Policy and KVK Application and Information Request Form for click.