About Us

Who are we?

Pharmet Pharmaceutical Industry Inc. Co. was established in 2012 with a view to conduct fundemental scientific research on advanced technology products, to obtain new information and to design and prepare new products in light of this new information and to proceed to mass production. Our Corporation priotorize science, R&D and shoulder and embrace the responsibility to invent state of the art drugs with our capacity to transform our research into potent drugs. Medicine focus on the today, functioning of the human body and preventing disease preventing. This science is continuing its way with in the past unimaginable depths armed with knowledge as. A great opportunity offered by rapidly evolving technology, is becoming a basic supportive of science. This development help us to find solutions and to get know better everyday for in the past can not be used to treat diseases. Despite all the progress,we are aware that there is still a long way ahead. With all our knowledge and experience; we are working to fight diseases and improve the quality of life.

Our Mission

We are here to enable everyone to have acsess to health living on a global scale and to offer diverse products aiming a high quality experience.

Our Vision

Creating brands that stand out in the world be the first choice at compete in areas.

Our Values

Can be summarised as: Transparancy, being Result focused and responsible.
In the guidance of these values, our principal aim is to develop state of the art drugs and medical products which will help the mankind.

Social Responsibility

Pharmet in our country and around the world improve the quality of people’s lives by providing innovative medicines and treatments that create value for patients and society, fulfilling social responsibility is also considered among the priority tasks.